Michelle Leesmann

Branch Manager

Since 2001, Michelle Leesmann has had a sincere love for the mortgage and real estate industry, and for helping borrowers achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Her experience ranges from processing to underwriting, sales, construction disbursement, and title escrow management. Michelle brings over a decade of experience from almost every aspect of the business and is eager to use that experience to create a personal, professional, and prompt closing for you. 

Michelle believes that knowledge is power and that no one ever quit learning, including herself. She is dedicated to that belief and loves to pass her knowledge along to others. As Michelle always says, “Explain it to me like I’m a 3 year old because you don’t know that I don’t know!” She believes that if her customers understand the process, they are able to work with Michelle as a team in reaching their goal of homeownership. By offering in-house processing, underwriting, and closing, USA Mortgage gives Michelle the ability to offer her clients superior and prompt customer service that will meet and exceed their expectations.

In Michelle’s own words, “I will not make promises that I can’t keep, but what I am willing to promise in my 110% commitment to my customer in order to give them the attention they deserve. I will work to ensure that I am matching my borrower with the BEST program that fits THEIR needs. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to build strong relationships that will last a lifetime!”

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NMLS: 953851

Company NMLS: 227262

Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee

State Licenses

State License Number Regulated Text Disclosures
Alabama 68411
Illinois 031.0049878
Kansas LO.0036267
Missouri 5374-MLO